Management Information Systems (BUSI8205)



This course is an introduction to Management Information Systems for MBA students. Given this audience, I decided to develop the course with a focus on the topics of business value creation through information technology, management of business risk from information technology, and governance structures for effective information technology use. As many introductory Information Systems textbooks focus on technology or require technology knowledge, I decided to instead base the course on a set of readings that I selected from the current management literature, such as Harvard Business Review or MIS Quarterly Executive. I provided reading notes to the students that introduce the literature and provide some context for the articles. Classes were conducted mainly as discussions for which I served as moderator and guide, rather than lecturer. If necessary, I would provide brief lectures (e.g. five or ten minutes) on a topic.


Student Testimonial

“  I would like to take time to reflect on the material covered to date in the course and the value and insight it brings to other areas of business covered in this program. With Midterm break upon us I feel that it is appropriate at this time to discuss what I have learned thus far with a focus on the application of the IT principles I can bring to managing my business unit and my division overall.
When we first started this course I regarded it as another of the core courses that wouldn't hold my interest and was simply a step toward completing my MBA. After reading the articles assigned as course material I feel we have progressed well through the risks and rewards of IT investment and the typical and general applications for IT, including ERP, ES, CRM and analytics. Initially I thought these programs limited in their application to IT guys, or CIO's. However, as other courses develop, I see the interrelated nature of the entire MBA. We have seen CRM mentioned in marketing, EPS in operations and I'm told we deal with the ethical application of analytics in ethics classes. The course has so far been interesting and controversial(at least in my mind, though you may not know it from some class members participation). This course definitely adds value.  ”
“  I have been thinking about IT and its use in my business on a regular basis. We have a server system that is maintained by corporate IT guys. The help desk for the company is the technical component for the company. I'm not really reflecting on this aspect of the company so much as I am considering the outsourcing of our engineering data, renewing contracts for service, negotiating contracts with vendor providers and the nature and complexity of the multiple server system in my plant. I feel that after taking this course and learning about some of the concerns for successful IT implementation as well as the pros and cons of outsourcing to IT vendors that I can make an informed and valuable contribution to the company vis a vis IT. This course has added value and broadened my view of the microchip.  ”
“  As I have been writing this review I was reminded about an article in The Muse regarding Google changing its privacy policies. The article stated that Google has changes its privacy policies and that if you didn't like it you could take your business elsewhere. Clearly this business has decided that the mining of the analytics available through google is more valuable that the few customers they may lose through the alteration to privacy rules for users. As mentioned in class, Google is an advertising and analytics company with a search engine. This article would not have caught my eye or interest before this course.  ”
“  Overall the course has developed well through the material. I feel that despite some initial confusion as to the direction of the course in my own mind, the material has developed well with a plan and a focus on the general IT application. Indeed, this is my criticism of most courses in this program; that they try and make you memorize certain definitions or "Maslow's Hierarchy of Need" when this is not the big picture. I will not remember this at the board table in 20 years. Courses should strive to educate on the general so that in the future when we reflect on the program or when we are sitting in on an IT development choice we make an informed decision with all we have learned in mind. This course adds value to the MBA.  ”
“  I liked the reading notes and questions, good guidance and will hopefully be helpful for the exam. I liked the discussions, definitely made me feel more comfortable with IT related issues and terminology.  ”